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What is my practice worth?

“At The Veterinary Business Agency Ltd (VBA) we are offering a free valuation tool which can provide a guide to the potential worth of your practice "

The tool can produce an indicative valuation range for your practice, which can be used as a guide to its goodwill value, however, it is dependent upon realistic input figures.

To find out more about your individual practices’ value many other factors which would need to be taken into account to provide an accurate valuation for sale purposes. The valuation of a veterinary company or business requires experience and expertise, and obtaining the best price required professional presentation and good negotiating skills.The valuation is for guidance only and readers should obtain advice from their financial advisors before taking any action. (see the VBA Terms and conditions)

Selling your practice will be a one-off opportunity so make sure you get it right.

The present market has changed over the last 6 months (Nov 18-Mar 2019) with the corporates unwilling to pay the same high prices as they were at their peak in 2018. However, prices being paid are still well in excess of what a private buyer could afford and still offer very good value to owners considering selling. The corporates are still responsible for over 95% of practice purchases on units turning over more than £700k. Direct marketing to practices has resulted in over 80% of practices being sold to the initial corporate approach, with a result that many practices are missing out on the true market value. Negotiated final prices can still be 25- 100% more than the initial offer, if the practice sale is handled in a professional way by a team that both understands the veterinary market and has the right skills. To find out more speak to Malcolm and see how we can help maximise the return on your practice.

The VBA has specialised purely in veterinary practice sales for over 35 years. The successful sale of a practice still needs to have that relationship between the seller, broker and purchaser to obtain the best outcome. Our service includes, preparation of a comprehensive sales memorandum, all marketing, screening buyers, accompanied viewings, negotiations, communications, advice, and working with lawyers and accountants through to completion. Our brokerage fees are based on a No sale-No fee basis.For practices that have received an indicative offer, we can negotiate a different rate.

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March 27, 2020

Email Problems- sorted

We can now receive and send our our valuation emails
October 1, 2019

Practice Sales Market – Autumn 2019

Brexit combined with the reluctance of corporate to continue paying excessively high prices continues to suppress the sales market. The exception is in Northern Ireland where there is a demand for practices from the major corporates. Practices with high turnover and good profits will still command very good prices if printed well, both financially and […]
July 5, 2019

Non competition law challenged-July 2019

5th July 2019 – A landmark case has led to the supreme court upholding the right of companies to impose non-complete clauses in executives’ contracts. – The Times, Business section 4th July 2019. This may have a profound effect on veterinary surgeons changing to competitor practices without having to wait for reasonable period.